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Cyber Posture Report: DPDP from an organizational Perspective.


Fireside Chat Report: DPDP from an Organizational Perspective

Date: Sunday, September 17th

Hosted by: Zeron

Guest Speaker: Ms. Kavitha Srinivasulu, Global Head of Cyber Risk and Data Privacy at BFSI R&C-Tata Consultancy Services


On Sunday, September 17th, Zeron had the privilege of hosting a Fireside Chat featuring Ms. Kavitha Srinivasulu, Global Head of Cyber Risk and Data Privacy at BFSI R&C-Tata Consultancy Services. During this insightful discussion, Ms. Srinivasulu shed light on the topic of “DPDP from an Organizational Perspective.”

The conversation commenced with an introduction to DPDP (Digital Personal Data Protection), which is designed to safeguard personal data by involving user consent before collecting and processing such data. The DPDP Act, although highly anticipated, has been accompanied by various complexities. Establishing a robust privacy culture to protect personal data is of paramount importance.

Organizational Perspective on DPDP

From an organizational perspective, it becomes imperative for businesses to enhance their privacy controls and ensure that all relevant stakeholders handling data are well-informed about DPDP’s requirements. This act empowers users by giving them complete control over how their data is utilized by organizations.

One notable impact of DPDP from an organizational standpoint is the reduction in practices where marketing agencies or organizations exploit user data, such as collecting phone numbers without proper consent. DPDP grants users the choice to opt in or opt out of such marketing endeavors. Without an individual’s consent, no vendor can use their data for personal gain.

User Awareness and Training in DPDP Cybersecurity

Ms. Srinivasulu addressed the crucial role of user awareness and training for understanding the DPDP act. She emphasized that training and awareness form the foundation for effectively addressing threats and risks. Users must be educated and trained in alignment with DPDP guidelines. While this task may seem challenging, it is essential.

Balancing Data Privacy and Innovation

Furthermore, the discussion delved into how DPDP can reconcile concerns regarding data privacy without stifling innovation, particularly in fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Ms. Srinivasulu stressed that security should always be a top priority. Efficient policy adaptation will not hinder innovation in these fields, provided that security is given precedence. Training and awareness programs play a vital role in facilitating the smooth integration of DPDP within organizations.

Collaboration between Data Privacy and Security Teams

Ms. Srinivasulu highlighted the importance of collaboration between data privacy and security teams to ensure the accurate implementation of DPDP regulations. This partnership is crucial to maintaining data privacy while upholding the integrity of the bill.

In conclusion, the Fireside Chat with Ms. Kavitha Srinivasulu offered invaluable insights into DPDP from an organizational perspective. The event underscored the significance of data privacy and user awareness in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and data protection.

Note: DPDP (Digital Personal Data Protection)

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