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The Age of IA – Automation in Security

Swimming in a pool of jargon reading through numerous documentations of varying lengths just to find more words to look upon a search engine to understand the process of automation in cybersecurity? Well, automation is computations at the end of the day and computations can go wrong, doesn’t it? The perspective of a person seeking a solution to curb the chances of one company being on the shame list or another looking for a solution to make tedious matters facile, automation is turning smarter.

Adding the edge of a smarter system with adaptive machine learning systems making a breakthrough in the recent era brings out newer terms in the dictionary such as Intelligent Automation (IA). The strategic combination of a Defensive Artificial Intelligence implementation collaborated with Robotic Process Automation strategies to bring an adaptive, effective, and buzz-worthy edge to the industry.

Looking at the spectrum we are talking about in terms of cybersecurity, IA systems can stand a chance to prove themselves where the security of assets relies on effective solutions safeguarding the pieces of information.

What are the Parts of IA we are Looking at?

    1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Yes, I am aware of the hype that one comes across scrolling down nearly every technological article and even social media in recent days. With signature-based systems detecting more than 90% of attacks and patterns successfully backed by the strategic combination of both AI and ML to reduce the splurge of false positives in traditional measures of single implementations. Bringing together Distanced Resources in an organization, increasing efficiency of threat hunting capabilities adding up to the reactive services aiding the proactive solutions to gain power with updated measures than traditional vulnerability matching databases.
    2. Robotic Process Automation – Making sense of the structured inputs and logics fed making the skeleton to the nervous system of AI and ML, RPA is easier to implement on top of existing architectures and applications. Now if that isn’t a reason to stick to implementing IAs without the “Huge Time Building” sentences.

Proactive and Persistent Approach

Whether being away from the working environment during active hours for the rest of the world trying to pry into your systems or finding solutions going beyond happening probabilities for the stickiest of DDoS preventions. Whether Windows Defender with real-time app scanning methods or Large Scale business asset and fallout checks on a multiscale architecture. 

The main reasons for one to opt for the path of an IA and automotive measures can be boiled down into –

    • Efficient management in real-time, cost-effective as compared to manual skills traditionally required round the clock
    • Mitigating the probabilities of errors and false positives with a balance of the detecting and sense-making capabilities with AI and ML in harmony
    • Prioritization of decisions with defensive method approaches helping make sure of susceptible endpoints

Not looking back at the points of saving time and making an efficient raised ticket system to stave off overlooking eyes in a matter of minutes if not seconds. With a global gap of cybersecurity workforce ranging up more than 4 million one can be sure of the hassles to muster in new employees with efficient skills but maintain efficiency with lesser aided by IAs.

Do we see a future?

A mixed emotion answer contradicting everything above might be a disappointing conclusion to end this article on. Yes and No as per the convenience might be able to be explained with the approach of the advancements of IA and Automation measures. As attacks turn sophisticated in turns of the minute hand, intelligence lies in manual processes for the adaptive algorithms to further sharpen their skills. 

Used in numerous applications currently IAs mark the stamp of identity in sectors of utmost importance, as systems get smarter and intelligence sharper, the age of AI and IA comes sooner than one can expect.

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