Financial Sector

71% of the cyberattacks are financially motivated

The Sector deals with enormous amount of sensitive data (PII data, Financial and other Critical Data Elements), which attracts the Threat Actors to cause disruption resulting into Data BreachesBusiness Risks and Business Loss. In the end going through a critical process of compliance and audits.


Cyber Security Landscape in BFSI

As recognised by the IMF, it is the financial sector that is “one of the most targeted” – research published in April 2019 by cyber threat intelligence company, Intsights reported that more than 25% of all malware attacks hit banks and other financial services organisations, more than any other industry. This is echoed by global CEO sentiment, with cyber threats a top five concern for CEOs surveyed in PwC’s Global CEO Survey 2018 and the top concern for CEOs in North America and the Middle East. Similarly, in Allen & Overy’s 2018 survey ‘Directors’ Liability – D&O: Personal Exposure to Global Risk‘, it found that 44% of respondents confirmed they had experienced either a significant cyber-attack or a sizeable data loss in 2018.


Financial Sector is the worlds No. 1 Targeted Industry


Financial sector must be compliant or risk heavy fines and loss of business


Required to protect customer data regardless of where it is located

Example of How a Hack Happens

Cyber Attack in a Financial Organisation

Step 1

Employees Swift Code Credential Stolen

Step 2

Malware installation in systems

Step 3

Surreptitious Transfer of Money

Step 4

Withdrawals from Third Party Banks

Step 5

Attacks Linked to known sanctioned entity

Benefits of Zeron for BFSI

Quantify your Cybersecurity and Risk Management in a user – friendly factor. 

Reduce Risk Exposure

Meet your compliance needs and reduce your risk exposures . Keep your data in line with various compliance standards.

Security at ALL Levels

Manage security needs at all infrastructure levels. Detect and remediate attacks from endpoints.

Complete Visibility

Have complete visibility of all your systems, endpoints, servers, digital assets from a single dashboard.

Contain Threats

Identify vulnerabilities with exact cve's and risk scores, detect threats and contain them.

Return of Security Investment

Analyse your return of investments you are making for the cyber security measures of your organisation.

Anomaly Detection

Predict your cyber threats before it takes place with AI powered anomaly detection.

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