Is Zeron Integrable with Third Party Applications?

Zeron is integrable with all major 3rd Party Application for features such as Log Management and Tracking, system Data Retrieving and others. To help you improve functionality, productivity and add extra edges to security and architectural features.

How is pricing calculated?

The pricing for Zeron is calculated on overall usage in terms of the number of nodes used the complete breakdown is available with our support

How is it out of the box?

Zeron is an all-in-one SOC as a Service platform to monitor risk and manage tickets in terms of threat intelligence as well as incident management and response. Getting into the depth of analytics and monitoring inclusive of the intrusion detection, prevention, and handling of information of use for Incident Management and Resolution of Threats.

What are KPI Metrics?

The Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for Zeron provide you with a smooth overview of the standpoint for your organization on an informatics dashboard. KPIs for Zeron include Breach Probability, Compliance Score, Z Score and Business Fallout

Is Zeron applicable for small businesses?

There isn’t any minimum or maximum scale that Zeron is restricted to. Applicable in fields and domains of all respects and scaling to fit any enterprise size Zeron makes a perfect solution for small scale startups as well as large established businesses.

What are Attack and Defense Modules?

Attack and Defense modules make up the major part of Zeron. The modules stand responsible for scanning and predicting the occurrences of weak security endpoints and suggesting remediation measures with defensive AI integrations with Zeron.

How Do I opt for Support?

The support team for Zeron is available 24/7 via designated numbers, video calls, individual visits and voice calls.

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