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How does Zeron Defend?

The defensive Modules include a wide array of integrations and features to help achieve industry-level compliant security postures for your integrated services, company, or organization helping you stay a step ahead of unwanted guests. Making you stand with an effective measure by an advanced alerting system built and tailored to the endpoints of your organization.

Zeron helps monitor security incidents and suggest defensive measure by means of integrated AI Defense Modules helping you deal with modern world threat with ease.

Defense Module

  • Host-Based IDS Agent
  • Network & System Based IDS and IPS
  • Malware Detection and Prevention
  • Integrated SOAR
  • Vulnerability management
  • Audit Management
  • Security Positioning

Biggest Cybersecurity threats

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What More

A complete solution to your defensive measure monitoring and security topped up with an informative dashboard letting you sift through endpoints and networks in your organization and prioritize fixes, threats, and decisions. Along will different key-deciding KPIs, the dashboard has a focussed approach on Security Score and Compliance Score.


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