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Security Events


Moving into a detailed representation of Security with respect to detailed audit listed points of:

  • Top Mitre Att&ck Tactics: Giving a detailed description of the Mitre Att&ck vectors used by adversaries for intent of penetration and exploit
  • Threat Evolution: Categorizing threats as per endpoints in a timeline to locate active timings of probable attacks
  • Top Attack Hotspots: Identifying top attack endpoints identified by specific IDs
  •  Integrity Monitoring: Generalized overview of Integrity of system and Data to the system

Host Analysis

Breaking the general overview down into particular hosts identified by IP Addresses in order to help audit and check for severity for endpoints as per the criteria of

  • Mitre adversary methodology mapped to the endpoint as per identification
  • Compliance violation as per the lines of specified frameworks 
  • Events of occurrences 
  • Security breach probability of the true and false phases for a performed attack

Threat Detection & Response


Classifying and defining incidents and alerts into groups of detected activities in terms of timeline mapping to get a complete detailed view of threat evolution.

Giving a frequency of hits on the organizational systems into consideration on a timeline based representation to aim to the amount of attacks adversaries perform on the endpoints thereby specified by the event details.

Network Analysis


Giving the complete solution to map networks and connectivity to the organizational endpoints to map traffic and Network Events marked suspicious segregating the same into:

  • DNS Queries
  • Unique Flow IDs
  • TLS Handshakes
  • Unique Private IP(Source)
  • Unique Private IP(Destination) 
  • Latitude & Longitude of Attackers.
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