Platform Overview

Security Matters.

Provides the best version of Cyber Security & Risk Management in a user-friendly form-factor to automate your Cyber Security Posture Management.

Why Choose Zeron


Check Out the Different Modules


Attack Surface Automation

Complete security scanning options for your IPs and websites with the inbuilt tools generating completes ports, maps, network and other endpoint details generated to a displayable PDF or HTML report to provide confidence of cyber security and stronger documents to audit security positioning and prioritisation of security entities.

Business Fallout Mapping

Understand where your business stands and analyse its security posture from

  • Breach Probability 
  • Compliance Score
  • Z – Score
  • Revenue Fallout Metrics.

Compliance Automation

Divided into the sections of the frameworks, the Compliance monitoring Dashboard segregates into controls and documentation. The default supported frameworks are:

  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • NIST 800
  • SOC2

    *It also supports custom compliance standards integrations.

Defense Automation


Fully Automated Defense Monitoring with power of AI. Get the details of the each sections from:

  • Security Events
  • Host Analysis
  • Intrusion Detections
  • Responses
  • Network Analysis

This module consists of inbuilt Security Incident and Event Management [SIEM], Security Orchestration and Automated Response [SOAR] and Xtended Detection and Response [XDR].

What can Zeron Take care of

Core Capabilities

  • Inbuilt SIEM
  • CIA Triad Monitoring
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Threat Intel
  • Inbuilt SOAR
  • ML Based Threat Alerts
  • Zero Day Alerts
  • File Integrity Monitoring
Ways in which Zeron can be deployed

Deployment Methodologies

Method 1

On Premise

Method 3


Why choose Zeron

Competitive Adavnatage

First in Market

It is the first ADC mapped platform

Single Glass Pane

Cyber Intelligence Dashboard


User-Friendly Form-Factor

Plug & Play

Integration is as smooth as silk


Takes just 15 mins to get started

It’s Yours

Liberty for customisation of the KPI’s

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