Health Sector

Data breach in this sector costs highest of any industry.

Healthcare data breaches have been rampant over the past several years. Just over the last decade, there have been over 2,550 data breaches (average of $405 per record) with millions of records being affected. The nature of the stolen information makes them considerably more serious than most.


Cyber Security Landscape in HEALTH SECTOR

There was a 44% month-over-month decrease in the number of reported healthcare data breaches in August 2021. 38 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records were reported by healthcare providers, health plans, and their business associates in August. August’s reported data breaches takes the total number of healthcare data breaches in the past 12 months to 707 (Sep 2020 to August 2021), with 440 of those data breaches reported in 2021.

While there was a marked fall in the number of reported breaches, 5,120,289 healthcare records were breached across those 38 incidents, which is well above the 12-month average of 3.94 million breached records a month. The high total was largely due to two major ransomware attacks on St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System and University Medical Center Southern Nevada, which involved 2.8 million healthcare records combined.


77% of the attacks in health sector turn into data breaches


PHI data is sold in dark web ranging from $250 to $1000 per record


60% of healthcare providers have incorporated IoT into their facilities.

Example of How a Hack Happens

Cyber Attack in a Health (Care/Tech) Organisation

Step 1

DB credential breached by phishing

Step 2

Patient Health Information Stolen

Step 3

Patient Health Information Tampered

Step 4

Malware installed in systems

Step 5

Fraud insurance claims using the PHI data

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