Crypto Sector

400% increase in cyber crimes in this sector.

As ecommerce grew quarter over quarter, experiencing a decade’s worth of growth in the space of a few months, so did cyber threats. The e-commerce industry, especially, became a prime target for malicious actors, a clear indicator that brands need to be taking a serious look at their security posture in the coming year.


Cyber Security Landscape in E-Commerce SECTOR

The ongoing global pandemic has accelerated eCommerce growth by four to six years according to Adobe , pushing more consumers online. And even with physical stores slowly re-opening and more people getting vaccinated, growth is still predicted, albeit at a steadier rate. Following a 25.7% surge during 2020, to $4.213 trillion, eCommerce sales worldwide are expected to climb a further 16.8% this year, to $4.921 trillion. That growth puts an already highly targeted sector by cyber threats at an even greater risk.

Additionally, attacks on eCommerce greatly surpass the general trend line throughout the end of the calendar year. One of the causes for the early peak in attacks during October instead of November is that some of the most sought-after holiday presents were available for online purchase starting in October. The spike around May coincides with an overall increase in global shopping around that time, illustrating that bad actors target key periods when shoppers are most active.


2.7% of the sector has broken access control contrast to 1.7% of general.


73.3% of attacks originating due to attack surface of public clouds.


24% of bots are of advanced level slowly reaching to 35% of simple bots.

Example of How a Hack Happens

Cyber Attack in E-commerce Industry

Step 1

XSS attack on website or application

Step 2

Retrieved server access of marketplace

Step 3

DDoS attack resulting in unavailabilty

Step 4

Pricing of Items tampered and checked out.

Step 5

PII and credit card Data exposed in web.

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