for Security Analysts

Handle the technicalities of Cyber Security in an easy and user friendly form

Make use of the inbuilt Threat Detection, Threat Analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Automated Responses and other such features to managed and improved the cyber security posture of the organisation and handle the technicalities of cyber security with ease and simplicity.


Day to Day Problems Faced by Security Analysts

The challenges facing IT Security analysts and consultants are significant, and continue to grow with time. IT Security Analysts have to spend a lot of time in securing funds and resources for cyber security projects and operations within the organisation. Cyber security is often deemed as cost centres rather than investments towards brand image of an organisation and it is hard to portray the ROI of the Cyber Security Implementations. Another common thing across all industries and in all geographies, that is consistently heard is that IT Security teams are resource-constrained. As a result, they’re frequently reactive with their planning and remediation efforts rather than being proactive towards protection. Also analysts don’t have much time on their hands to proactively manage IT Security projects, security analysts and consultants have even less time on their hands to keep up with the latest IT Security trends. However, current skill-sets are required to keep pace with rapidly-evolving cyber-attack techniques which sometimes is lagging in most of the organisations.

Easy and Laymanised

Data and Visualisations a provided in easily decipherable form

Highly User Friendly

User friendly interface with GUI and CLI options for users

Single Dashboard

A single unified dashboard for all security tools and products


Highly customisable with APIs available for all the features.


Internal ticketing available for collaborations between the security team.

Benefits of Zeron for Security Analysts

Quantify your Cybersecurity and Risk Management in a user – friendly factor. 

Ease of Use

Helps analysts save time and efforts in understanding the various KPIs and makes adoption pretty easy

Automated Responses

help in doing pre set responses to certain issues helping in the resource issues.

Threat Intel

Threat intelligence keeping in sync with the latest threat landscape from varied sources.


Apart from monitoring and detection it also helps in investigating security incidents.


Optimize time management. Cover more, faster. Reduce detection and mitigation time.


Identify the real security incidents and incease efficiency on Minimizing false-positives.

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