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Optimise Security Investment with Proactive Intel

Harness real-time, automated threat intelligence and business fallput mapping. Investigative capabilities to break cyber security silos, align teams, and elevate your cybersecurity programs.


Day to Day Problems Faced by CISO's

Over the years, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has evolved into a senior executive role packed with responsibilities, influence and reach – from every corner of the organization, all the way up to the boardroom.

Chief information-security officers (CISOs) have had to adjust their strategies to account for remote working, pivoting from working on routine tasks to working on long-term goals of establishing secure connections for remote situations. Managing business continuity has been the goal, with the patching of remote systems over virtual private networks, handling of those systems’ increased workloads, and monitoring of spiking cyberthreat levels and cyberattackers targeting at-home workers with an array of threats


Lack of proper visibility into the Cybersecurity Landscape and posture of the organisation


Huge Gap in the number of cybersecurity professionals required vs actually available


Measure the return of security investment & communicate its value to internal stakeholders


Take Preventive Measures Before an Cyber Attack Happens which might lead to Business Fallout


Constantly on the lookout for smarter ways to streamline operations and efficiency

Benefits of Zeron for CISO's

Quantify your Cybersecurity and Risk Management in a user – friendly factor. 


Identify the missing puzzle pieces to building a 360° view with AI powered holistic view of an entire security program

Return Of Security Investment

Analyse your return of investments you are making for the cyber security measures of your organisation.

Compliance Monitoring

Meet your compliance needs and reduce your risk exposures . Keep your data in line with GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST, PCIDSS, SOC2, HIPAA

Organisational Fragmentation

Analyse how each department is behaving in terms of cybersecurity or which departments are target by hackers the most.

Single Glass Pane

A single dashboard for understanding the cybersecurity posture of the organisation and make business decisions.

Easy workflow Management

Managing the workflows are just clicks away , may it be vulnerability management or response management.

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