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Cyber Attacks In India: Everything You Need to Know

Ravaging through the times when it was tough to explain the need for cybersecurity for an organization brings forward a number of chapters that proved everyone wrong. Holding a back seat in the list of prioritized elements sure makes some compromises that escalate faster than something Elon Musk randomly tweets about.

Cybercrime is predicted to inflict nearly 6 trillion USD globally in the present year with the rates predicted to grow by a rate of 15% per year for the upcoming days ending up in an annual loss of 10.5 trillion USD by the end of 2025 from the recorded 3 trillion USD in 2015. Ransomware, Spywares, Trojans, Social Engineering attacks, all of them coming fast, faster than you expect.

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Let’s go by some recorded numbers, shall we? Where the estimated loss of revenue in India alone was recorded to be 1.25 Lakh Crore in the year 2019. With ransomware attacks increasing every day with the increase in the exponential graph with current Work From Home Scenarios.

With about 52% of domestic companies based in India falling victim to a cyber attack of minor or major origin studies show a standstill in cybersecurity budgets and underestimated levels of damage threats although incidents are on the rise. With 71% of victims reporting a serious breach and 65% facing a downtime of nearly a week, reputation, brand value, market trust come down with each missed configuration.

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Let us look at the recent incidents that make sense out of the loose scenario of security under a priority list. The security flaw leading to a leak of millions of PII data for Indian Citizens along with Covid 19 test results from a website run by the Government of West Bengal follow the path of the preceding data leak of similar origins by a large Indian Diagnostic firm Dr. Lal Pathlabs. Unprotected servers and development flaws continue to make headlines as long as secure systems take a back seat.

You don’t want any of your friends to know about your examination results right? But what if someone displays it to the entire world? Wait, it’s not only you but nearly 190,000 other aspirants just like you! Where the results of the 2020 Common Admission Test along with personal data were made available on the cybercrime forum, including names, DOB, email IDs, Mobile Numbers, Previous results, and much more.

Let’s take a step back and assume you performed well and need to celebrate with a slice of cheesy Pizza! Wait, a data breach in a puny little pizza order as well? The incident came to light with the massive data breach incurred by Dominoes leaking PII, PCI and other details for the world to view on the Dark Web like the Dark Web wasn’t scary enough in the first place.

Come forth security, let’s flatten the curve of rising threats by taking a step back and thinking about securing ourselves first. So, when do you start thinking? Zeron offers you an all-around solution to help secure an organization from endpoint vulnerabilities with the utmost scrutiny, customizable and scalable to the size of any organization. 

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