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Cyber Attack in FIFA World Cup 2022? 

Global sporting events, like the FIFA World Cup 2022, are often hotspots for cyber attacks. 

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to get a kick out of scamming financial organisations and sports-enthusiastic fans through malicious means. Just as physical security is required to guarantee that the massive event runs smoothly, an integrated risk management approach to cyber security is essentially the need of the hour. 

Cyber attack in FIFA World Cup 2022?

The Men’s Soccer World Cup, held in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022, was one of the most thrilling leagues that kept us all at the edges of our seats. Whether it was MBappe’s heart-stopping hat trick in the finals or Cristiano Ronaldo’s emotional exit from the pitch in the quarter-final against Morocco, there was a slew of adrenaline-pumping moments that have etched themselves in our hearts. 

This year’s FIFA was an incredible financial and public relation opportunity for the gulf nation. No wonder Qatar invested over $220 billion over 12 years in preparation and hosted more than 1.4 million global visitors during the championship, which ended with Argentina lifting the golden cup. Vamos Argentina! A proud moment for the G.O.A.T supporters, indeed!

Unfortunately, such a popular event is bound to draw the engagement of not just football supporters but also mean-spirited cyber fraudsters aiming to take advantage of the big event and target the BFSI sector. 

According to Digital Shadows, roughly 174 fraudulent domains were impersonating the official Qatar World Cup 2022 websites. These included phishing sites designed to collect sensitive information, 53 suspicious applications designed to install adware and download malware payloads, and a large number of fraudulent pages which could operate to disperse questionable affiliate marketing or pyramid schemes. 

Employees at FIFA were also sought by hackers looking to get access to the database. Cyber-criminals have shown an interest in using DDoS attacks to interrupt grand sporting events in the past few decades, like the 2012 London Summer Games. 

There are many such ways for cyber threat actors with various resources and goals to devise cyber attack plans. As a result, it is critical for host institutions and the financial organisations associated with them to adopt traditional cyber security posture management measures.


How did hackers target FIFA 2022?


Whether it is the nation hosting the event, the sponsors or the competing teams and players, there are different ways hackers can scheme a cyber attack and take advantage of the world cup fever! 

From using public Wi-Fi on trains, metros, and buses to spoofing, there are several ways to scam people. Threat actors frequently use fake URLs to hoax fans to steal their data or spread malware. Some hackers may also reap the benefits of the football craze to boost their reach through this method. 

DDoS assaults are also common because of their power to disrupt billions of enterprises, players, sponsors, and fans.

Threat actors typically use web addresses that are similar to real websites to fool consumers into landing a click. Scammers go above and beyond to ensure the websites look legitimate, including adding refined logos and animations. Quite a few of these websites came to light during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Bogus organisations also use mobile applications and social media pages to communicate with clients, establish engagement, and cultivate fake brand recognition. 

Hackers can employ several other theatrics, from Business Email Compromise to mimicking VIPs, to attack your cyber security. 


What methods can help financial institutions strengthen cyber security during sporting events such as FIFA 2022?


The organisations affiliated with the big tournament, especially those from the BFSI sector, should monitor their cyber security status daily. That is particularly important for financial firms because they are usually on the receiving end of cyber-attacks. These organisations should deploy a robust and secure DDoS protection system. 

A comprehensive cyber security posture management system can also provide the necessary level of assistance to financial organisations in managing cyber threats. That will reduce the gaps within a firm and keep everyone associated with the event updated on the security status. This will lower the risk of cyber-attacks and assist an organisation in deciding appropriate countermeasures.

While you cannot guarantee a potential encounter with these cyber criminals, there are numerous precautionary measures you may take to avoid falling victim to such schemes, starting with Zeron! 


Kickstart your cyber security journey with Zeron’s integrated risk management solutions & B2B services!


As we invest ourselves in the drama-filled world cup matches amidst the hustles and bustles of daily life, there’s merely any time left to look at our security posture. Does that mean we should compromise with our cyber security posture management strategies? How about a no? 

Well, that’s where Zeron comes in to kick your anxieties goodbye!

Besides referencing various attacks, defence, and compliance methodologies & suggesting respective solutions to threats, we created our dashboard intending to provide businesses with in-depth knowledge about their company’s cyber security status. Our B2B service services allow us to build meaningful corporate bonds and extend our services to businesses to help them strengthen the foundation of their security.

Zeron is a user-friendly platform that anyone can operate to track the security posture of their company. It is programmed to scan, protect, visualise, report, predict risks, and suggest and implement a response, all in one platform! We have a team of cyber security professionals and thought leaders committed to designing and implementing the best cyber security posture management strategies for your company to protect it from all potential threats. 

The digital war is a never-ending battle. For as long as there is a digital world, there will always be scammers & fraudulent groups looking to take advantage of renowned events like the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the financial institutions associated with it. Organisations and businesses, especially those from the BFSI sector, must be aware of such scams and take all the precautionary measures to ensure their cyber security posture management is up to the mark. 

Don’t let yourself fall victim to such scams. Be aware. Build the correct posture. 

Want to know more about your cyber security status? Connect with us right now!


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