Core Offerings

Zeron offers a wide range of Attack and Defence core methodologies to help secure an organisation. It provides the power in the hands of the stakeholders to view the security flaws, vulnerabilities and compromised endpoints along with defensive measures to be taken to avoid the same. AI-based SaaS-On-Premise hybrid cybersecurity solution providing an all-around solution for Security Monitoring, Security Testing, Compliance Mapping, and Business Fallout mapping for an organisation.

Security Monitoring

Collection, detection, analysis, and escalation of indication and warnings based on the network level data and other data analysis as per measures imposed.

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Generating hypothesis of compromise and intrusion as a proactive reporting mechanism including the systematic reporting and ticketing of incidents and threats and storing responses for further comparisons to such occurrences.

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Monitoring in both the sense of the SOC as well as the nodes connected to scan for complete alerts and reviewing and acting on the same to monitor the data sources and updating platform definitions accordingly with updates in terms run.

Threat Intelligence
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Analysis of adversaries and goals of breach and truth of attack to monitor on revenue saved and breach prevention mechanisms.

Intelligence Integration
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Selection and bringing threat intelligence feeds to improve alerting and better specify suspected intrusions, malicious sources, and patterns.

Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence Engine trained to suffice to recommend new Defensive recommendations as per monitored threats trained against.

Fallout Mapping
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Track activities on data categorised under PII, PCI, and PHI for the company determining costs procured and saved in case of a breach mitigated and lost in case of the scenario of an attack standing to be true.

Tracking and Mapping
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Complete compliance tracking with respect to ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and PCI DSS controls.