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Standards Dashboard


Divided into the sections of the frameworks of GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, TSC and HIPAA the Compliance monitoring Dashboard segregates into controls and documentation views to 

  • View Security Alerts and identify risks in violations of compliance control with descripting and calculated severity score
  • View alerts encountered and the most affected control (in accordance to selected compliance) and Maximum Rule Levels
  • Endpoint requirements as per controls

Different Controls


Providing the list of controls of compliance frameworks with detailed requirements for the endpoints specified on the dashboard as per events of probable compromise of assets.

You can have a clear understanding of the description of each of the controls in lemanised terms.

Mapped with Security Events


All the violations of controls are mapped with the security events with respect to their Endpoint

  • File integrity monitoring.
  • Threats
  • CVSS score
  • Risk score

Audit Documents


Helping fit into the proper availability of documentations as per Control ID

  • Title
  • Version
  • Any other probable attachment to a compliance.
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