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Business Overview

Zeron brings strategical and capable measures to check for the security standpoint and business fallout revenue by means of predictive and analyzed methodologies to minimize loss and monitor breach losses to check for

  • Asset Values
  • Company revenue standpoint
  • Compliance Assets
  • Log and Data Management

The generation of Asset value and Revenue Management lifecycles to generate security audit scores for the company lie as a provided aspect for viewing the security adherence of the company as in terms of compliance as a whole in a well-formed informatic dashboard. Asset values thereby set in the categories of PII, PCI, and PHI for the company determining costs procured and saved in case of a breach mitigated and lost in case of the scenario of an attack deeming to be true.

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Where is Zeron?

The first line of defense for your business threats operating under single management and reporting structure with an awareness of the aspects of the business as well as IT ends from the smallest workstation to the largest node of the network. With an area of operation, helping identify threats in the generalized sectors of utmost importance in terms of compliance, data breach, threat intelligence, incident management, and response. Supporting the business monitor business applications and infrastructure on grass root levels of operation.

  • Single Management Dashboard
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Rapid Insights
  • Filtering and Identification
  • Log Monitoring
  • On Demand Access
  • Audit and Research
  • Multi Node Architecture

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