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A risk is a major part of having a balanced business strategy, as it can help organizations reach new levels of success. Co – relate Cyber Security with Business.

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Providing strategically calculated scores in terms of easy understanding of security standpoint for the organization widely classified into 3 categories

  • Breach Probability: Showcasing the probability of a breach in the organisation through the earlier portrayed susceptible endpoints to stand as a threat
  • Compliance Score: Complete consideration of compliance frameworks to generate an overall score of compliancy considering all endpoints, hosts and networks.
  • Z-Score(Zeron Score): Taking into consideration the standpoints of cybersecurity, endpoint goals and prioritization of vulnerable entities the Z-Score stands as an active real time measure for the security overview at a glance. 

Z – Score Benchmarking


Get to know you are above average or below average, the security score of the organisations belonging to your sector and your tier.

Revenue Fallout Mapping


The map of business fallout for an organization in terms of the detection of a vulnerability, nature of asset compromised (if any) compliance mapping to compromised entity in terms of an Annual Rate of Occurrences for threats encountered giving the calculated score of the Annual Loss Expectancies in account for Single Losses and Annual Occurrences

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