Attack Surface Automation

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Discover the Attack Surface & Automate your Risk Mitigations with our Attack Surface Automation [ASA] Module

Why Choose Zeron ASA


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Attack Dashboard

  • An all in one dashboard with automated systems that allow an organisation to scan its mobile and digital platforms.
  • Showcasing of all targets, subdomains, endpoints and vulnerabilities.
  • Has mechanisms to scan both web and mobile platforms in an organisation.
  •  Visualisation of the currently scanning and the previously scanned reports.

Vulnerability Analysis


  • The vulnerability analysis module of ZERON provides deep and detailed vulnerability analysis and insights of your targets.
  • You get a Vulnerability feed of all your targets.
  • ZERON also provides easy solutions and recommendations to mitigate the vulnerabilities.
  • You can also set up responses and Auto fixes for various vulnerabilities.
  • The scans are done in accordance with the international standards and benchmarks like OWASP and SANS Top 20.

Schedule your scans as per your leisure 


  • You can schedule you scans per your requirement and leisure
  • Multiple Targets can be added to your target list and deleted as per requirements.
  • You can make a quick scan for an immediate requirement if it arises which gives you lighter insights.
  • Manage your targets and schedules seamlessly

Choose your Scan Engine


  • ZERON gives you the control to choose your scan engine as per your requirement
  • Provides Open Source Intelligence and custom recommendation from ZERON for your organisation
  • Edit or Remove Scan Engines from your actions.
  • Reduces unnecessary time wasted and prioritises as per requirement.
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